Rising Star and Fashionista: Willow Smith

Now we all remember her as Will and Jada Smith's youngest offspring and only daughter. Cute, adorable, and somewhat average as far as celebrity children go. An ordinary kid, with extraordinary parents is how many of them can be described.

But since then, Willow Smith has definitely come into her own...

Willow broke all barriers with her low cut at such a young age, and has since capitalized on the style with her latest hit "Whip My Hair." The song is great for girls her age but is also a huge club banger; definitely a song a whole family can enjoy.

Recently signed to Def Jam's RocNation, Willow Smith is destined to be a smash before she reaches puberty. The youngest signed to the label and second female next to Rihanna, this mini-songstress is sure to "run this town" amongst the preteens across the world.

Willow has also become quite a fashionista since her new haircut and signing. We were able to see her really showing the world what she has during the, many, "Karate Kid" premieres starring her brother Jadyn Smith and Jackie Chan, and produced by her poppa Will.

 Many compare her to Rihanna as far as coming out of the good girl shell and making a name for herself in the fashion and music scene, but the fact that she is only 9 years old boggles me. Some things I thought she was too young for, like the hair cut, but when you have such powerful parents...YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU WANT (hahaha).  I cant wait to see what she will turn into over the course of her career.

The difference between Willow and many of her peers may be the fact that she marches to the beat of her own drum and doesn't seem to mind standing out. Her style is very funky, youthful, and has a fashion flare beyond her years. Willow has an undoubtedly great eye for style with a personality and voice to match. I have a feeling 2011 is Willow's year and she'll complete her mark as teen style icon and Style Star overall.


&& did I mention she was front row during Milan Fashion Week next to her momma and top model, Naomi Campbell? I don't doubt one bit that she'll be an even bigger Style Star by the time she reaches her teens. 


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