Name: Nae "Bella" M.
Age: 17
Hometown: Heartbreaker Hotel, New Jersey
Occupation: Student/Heartbreaker
                        -Major: Broadcast Journalist
Just a simple girl with many hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Trying to make it big and going to blog every step of the way.

-Being able to separate myself from trends and the sorts have given me the opportunity to share my inner fashionista with you guys. Because I want my blog to be a fashion blog, I will post pictures of what I wear and where I got each item from in that particular picture from (if known). 
-All of what I post on my blog are things that interest me or things that have caught my attention. I plan on my blog having a little bit of everything for everyone. I cannot guarantee that all of what I post will be about fashion because I do have other things to share, but MOST of what I post will be.
-I will also use this experience to create and share Do It Yourself (DIY) projects and recipes.

-My Experiences
-DIY Projects
-Thought| Ideas

-My main goal is to have a go-to blog for if someone is going to an event and need a little inspiration to get the creative juices flowing.
-I get better with finding my personal sense of style everyday, and I am hoping that a signature style blossoms from this blogging experience. Out of this experience I would also, like to gain a better sense of self while still entertaining the mind and spirits of others.