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I had an account here and didn't even know it ( or maybe because I have a blogger) lol Idk. Follow me guys; here and on bloglovin'. Finally getting the hang of things. In a few months I'll know exactly what I am doing and this blog will be awesome, so bare with me through my amateur days lol.

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OK so I have decided that I do want to take my blog more than seriously. My friends and I play around with my camera a lot and some shots are really good but they would be great if I had a professional camera. My plans are to buy a nice Nikon or the sorts to take great pics on since I take pics so much. I want one that is high quality and resolution while still being able to fit in my bag with no problem (I don't wear little bags too often).

Having a good camera simply allows people like me, who see pretty things and want to capture them or tries to take model'ish pics from time to time, actually do so.

P.S. I wonder if there is camera that takes great pics and records videos without being big and camcorder looking lol. I'm sure it is with all the new technology that is out; I'll just have to look into it I guess.

Just thought I'd share so be prepared for me to get my Tyra on lol

Red Head Ri-Ri

Rihanna has only had her red hair for about 2 months and already it has gone through so many phases, lets check them out...

This is when she first got it...I wasn't too much of a fan of this style

After she went back to the style she had been wearing with her black and blonde low cut

Hey guys look! Back to her roots....the look that made her fashionable

Now long

She has been rocking the short hair for a while now ( a few years) and I would love to see her with some long hair for a little while. You know, just to get a little change.

                                                     A twitpic  from after her concert lol

2010 Bonny & Clyde: Tiny and T.I. arrested

Earlier this month (its only the 5th lol) Tiny and
T.I. were arrest in West Hollywood after  being pulled over for a traffic violation. In the event of being stopped the officer claimed to have smelled marijuana and subsequently proceeded to search the vehicle where other controlled substances such as ecstasy and other methamphetamine were found. They were taken away in two separate squad cars and later released on $10,000 bail.

I LOVE TINY AND TIP....I think their relationship is epic but this is a little out there for me. Although they don't have to worry about tarnished resumes, they do have children and this behavior is somewhat unacceptable. Being the loyal person I am, I think I would def ride for my man but being down with what he does and joining him in it? Idk about that. Not condoning the situation but I respect Tiny for holding her own. I don't know what was going on in that car and it doesn't matter to me. I still love them. The couple was married a couple weeks ago in a beautiful private ceremony and this is one marriage who's longevity I don't even question; I think they will last.

T.I. just came home and hopefully this doesn't cause him to have to go back to jail. He was arrested in 2009 for attempting to buy guns and silencers before the BET Awards and served a little time. He is currently fulfilling a probation sentence and this new felony charge is a violation; let's hope this doesn't cause him to go back.



(guess who was by his side then too lol...I LOVE HER)


Rihanna's New Tattoo

Ok guys, now you all know I love love LOVE Rihanna but idk about this new tattoo...
(pictured below flaunting another tattoo) You'll have to keep reading to see the new one ;)

Rihanna has definitely come into her own between her debut album "Music of the Sun" and her latest  and most provocative, "Rated R." She wasnt the first celeb to go buck and get a plethora of tattoos but she set the stage for all those who thought you couldnt be high fashion and still have tattoos; hense her Gucci endorsement.

&& that is just to name a few...Rihanna is one of the most beautiful, stylish, and TATTED female celebs out right now...
                                           Her most recent stunt is a tattoo on her neck?

I found these pictures on google while looking for tattoos of interest. Idk if these are real but there is more than one picture of her with this tattoo....ummm if it is real....idk if I'm feeling it. She may be taking it a little too far now.

I have nothing against women with neck tats but it comes a little "gangster" at times and may clash with certain attire, let alone the tattoo on the back of her neck.

Its reads "rebel flower" translated from french to english btw;

What do you guys think? 


Hola amigos!!

Started this blog a few months back, posted a few posts, and stopped. After looking at a few blogs recently, I felt like I was neglecting mine. THIS IS THE START OF A NEW BEGINNING. From today on my blog will be well taken care of and replenished multiple times per week. As you guys know, I started college recently so this will definitely bring out my creative side.

Dont be confused, although the banner says BellaDonna, you will have to go to heymissbella.blogspot.com to find my blog because that name was taken; I will make a new banner soon.

Be prepared for fashion info, gossip, news, and MEEEEE!! <33

Come back soon!!

Scrimmage Tees

Also known as crop tees, scrimmage tees were first made cool by athletes and then trickled their way into the fashion industry.

Scrimmage tees have become very popular of the past year and people just cant seem to get enough of them. They are easy to wear and very versatile. A scrimmage tees can make any plain outfit flare.

Dont let the word crop scare you! Scrimmage/crop tees come in a variety of lengths; what makes it "cropped" is the cut; they are not fitted at all. Scrimmage tees also come in a variety of styles, patterns, and materials which make them very easy to personalize to your own style. Please do not confuse these stylish threads with belly shirts, that could cause a disaster.

Best paired with:
-cargo pants

-pencil skirts

-skinny jeans

-boyfriend jeans


-harem pants

-and even dresses

Although very versatile, these looks can be butchered pretty easily. Even stylish women get it wrong from time to time.

Now was that scary or what? YIKES!
Back to fashion now... (lol)