Rihanna Who's That Chick (Light & Dark) Version

I saw the light version of this video in early September '10 and had it as a draft but never really got around to posting it; I am glad I didn't. This is what the post read, "Everyone goes through change and just like she went through her good girl to bad girl stage, it seems as though Rihanna is going from rock star to dance hall queen based on her two new singles 'Who's That Chick' and "Only Girl." It may not even be going from, but actually going back to her roots."'

Shortly after seeing the video I learned, via Rihanna's twitter, that it wasn't an actual video of hers but really a campaign for Doritos or Pepsi that had been leaked. I later found out about this dark version, and I thought, "I have to see this!" The video wasn't hard to find and the similarities of the videos were sick (in a good way lol). I decided I would post both, and that's when I found this. Some genius put them together, and I must say the combo is epic. I love it.

The contrast of the two videos say so much at one time. It's like happy meets sad, light meets dark, and female meets male. I love this and I hope you all will too! Well done Rih-Rih <3


Style Star: Kelis-Underrated

This is my first post about being a style star so I thought I'd make it a little controversial (lol). I will be doing post like this from time to time about the people i think stand out in fashion.

For years and years now Kelis has been bringing it with the fashion. The fact that she isn't considered an A List celeb has left her very underrated. She was doing it before Ri-Ri (Rihanna), before Ga-Ga, and before many of the other women considered style icons today. Kelis pushes herself and others, every time she steps onto the carpet, and even the streets for that matter. Many of the trends she had known about and probably started were accredited to others but the true fashionistas know exactly what time it is when she walks into a room. Lets just take a look at how much ahead Kelis actually was. . .

Here are a few examples:

I made this montage to reflect the impact Kelis has had on the hair aspect of the industry. Don't get me wrong, women have been rocking short cuts for a while now (check Salt & Pepper) but in recent years long was the way to be until Umbrella; however Kelis switched it up did short, already, in bossy. The style just wasn't a must-have until Rihanna.
Rule 1: What ever style you choose, own it!! Make it your own! (Rihanna sure did)

This, I did not create (found it on google), but I found it rather interesting. Kelis is such a STYLE STAR and i really wish she would get the credit she deserves.


Rich Gal$


My friends, the Rich Gal$, and I are very different from one another, but we fit together almost perfectly. Where one lacks, one excels, and that is a great quality to posses in different relationships. I have learned from experience that opposites do actually attract based on various friendships I've had.  Individually our identities and personalities are still very unique from one another, but after so many years of being together we have similarities, goals, and values that we share. Our personalities have even synced to make one that gives our group, as a whole, an identity.

  •  It is very important to surround yourself with a plethora of people with varying styles, opinions, goals, attitudes, lifestyles, and values. Doing so promotes open-mindedness and can further help one in establishing an identity. I like to surround myself with a diverse set of people because it really contributes to my personal thought, and is actually a great learning experience everyday. 


Trend Spotting: Socks and Heels

The willing display of sock with sandals have always been a controversial trend; some agree and some don't. This trend has been around for decades, probably centuries, and every time it dies the visible sock trend is not too far from being revived. 
This style is great for people who would like to wear all of their shoes year 'round. The right sock can make any sandal perfect for winter. This stye can be very fun, flirty, and sophisticated all at once.

This trend hit the Burberry Spring 2010 runway hard and although that season is over, visible socks are still thriving.

Mastering the trend:
  The key to rocking this style is to keep it simple. It looks great when the socks match the main color of the shoe or contrasts the shoe entirely. The more neutral the sock is, the better. 

Don't let the big name behind these photos discourage you, many people who don't have stylist or the advantages of celebs also rock this trend, and they rock it well.



Rihanna Getting Loud

We're used to seeing her making fashion statements effortlessly and switching it up quite often, well she hasn't stopped just yet. In the anticipation of her 5th studio album "Loud" Rihanna is being just that. From recent pics of her, it appears Rihanna smiles more, is more connected to her fans, and more friendly to photographers.
Pictured (right) next to her wax figure. 

 Exactly a year from now, Rihanna was releasing her 4th album "Rated R," which happened to be her most provocative to date and her style showed it off then too.

Although still very fashion forward, Rihanna often wore black, looked down, and hid behind sunglasses. Photographers and fans were given little to no attention, and she was even considered devilish to some.

As her new, fun, and flirty album prepares to hit shelves, Rihanna's style is louder than ever.
It seems a little out of character for her since I am so used to seeing her look like she walked straight off of the runway, but a fashionista of her caliber can afford to take risk and that is exactly what she is doing. I can't wait to see what the theme of her next album will be and how she will dress then.


Be inspired

I have always loved the way I dressed; whatever was trendy I usually had because I stayed on top of things and was usually one of the first in my neighborhood to take that step. Fall '08 was a huge fashion milestone for me because that is when I was able to prove to myself that I was different from everyone else and had a mind and style of my own beyond the trends. This was the time of my sweet 16 and I was able to design my own pieces and get them tailored to perfection, by an untrained yet awesome friend, for the event. Many of the pieces I wore were inspired by a certain look, but none, exactly the same.
To be inspired is to take an already established idea and use it to motivate, create, and execute your own. (That is exactly what I did at the tender age of 15 years old.)

Fall 2008

This was my interpretation of Blake Lively's little black dress. 
Similarities:-bands around waist and thigh
                   -frill trimming around each band
                   -lace overlay w/ fabric under 
                   -length of dress
There are many differences to the dresses, like the color and top.

This was my interpretation of Rihanna's 2008 Grammy dress.
Similarities: -color
                   -corseted top 
                   -detachable belt  
I wish the quality of the picture was better so you could see the detailed stitching of the corseted top I wore.

As you can see, I took two very established ideas and created my own, which are very distinguishable and looks almost nothing like the originals. These are looks that I can call my own because there were none exactly like it before.