Lasting Trend: Baggy Jeans

                             Baggy jeans paired with the right top can be both comfortable and chic!

Best paired with a:
-Fitted top

-Fitted bazer



-Scrimage tee & so much more

To me, there is a difference between boyfriend fit jeans and jeans that are just plain ol' baggy. Boyfriend fit jeans have a cut, as if they were male jeans, while baggy jeans are more so female jeans a few sizes too big. I happen to love how baggy jeans fit on me and celebs do too!

 Baggy jeans are perfect for any weather forecast. For me, they are a staple piece that I pull out whenever I want to be casual and cute.

A similar trend to this was popular in the 90's and worn by celebs like the groups TLC, Salt & Pepper, and most notably, the late, Aaliyah.

 The cool thing about this trend is that it is very affordable, versatile, and anyone can do it; all ages, shapes and sizes.


If you know me, then you know Rihanna is my FAVORITE. She is always on top of  fashion trends and for this reason...I think I will make it a tradition, a tradition to end all of my "Trend Spotting" posts with a photo of her rocking that particular trend. Sound like a deal? Okay, deal! 

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