Scrimmage Tees

Also known as crop tees, scrimmage tees were first made cool by athletes and then trickled their way into the fashion industry.

Scrimmage tees have become very popular of the past year and people just cant seem to get enough of them. They are easy to wear and very versatile. A scrimmage tees can make any plain outfit flare.

Dont let the word crop scare you! Scrimmage/crop tees come in a variety of lengths; what makes it "cropped" is the cut; they are not fitted at all. Scrimmage tees also come in a variety of styles, patterns, and materials which make them very easy to personalize to your own style. Please do not confuse these stylish threads with belly shirts, that could cause a disaster.

Best paired with:
-cargo pants

-pencil skirts

-skinny jeans

-boyfriend jeans


-harem pants

-and even dresses

Although very versatile, these looks can be butchered pretty easily. Even stylish women get it wrong from time to time.

Now was that scary or what? YIKES!
Back to fashion now... (lol)

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