OK so I have decided that I do want to take my blog more than seriously. My friends and I play around with my camera a lot and some shots are really good but they would be great if I had a professional camera. My plans are to buy a nice Nikon or the sorts to take great pics on since I take pics so much. I want one that is high quality and resolution while still being able to fit in my bag with no problem (I don't wear little bags too often).

Having a good camera simply allows people like me, who see pretty things and want to capture them or tries to take model'ish pics from time to time, actually do so.

P.S. I wonder if there is camera that takes great pics and records videos without being big and camcorder looking lol. I'm sure it is with all the new technology that is out; I'll just have to look into it I guess.

Just thought I'd share so be prepared for me to get my Tyra on lol

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