Rihanna Getting Loud

We're used to seeing her making fashion statements effortlessly and switching it up quite often, well she hasn't stopped just yet. In the anticipation of her 5th studio album "Loud" Rihanna is being just that. From recent pics of her, it appears Rihanna smiles more, is more connected to her fans, and more friendly to photographers.
Pictured (right) next to her wax figure. 

 Exactly a year from now, Rihanna was releasing her 4th album "Rated R," which happened to be her most provocative to date and her style showed it off then too.

Although still very fashion forward, Rihanna often wore black, looked down, and hid behind sunglasses. Photographers and fans were given little to no attention, and she was even considered devilish to some.

As her new, fun, and flirty album prepares to hit shelves, Rihanna's style is louder than ever.
It seems a little out of character for her since I am so used to seeing her look like she walked straight off of the runway, but a fashionista of her caliber can afford to take risk and that is exactly what she is doing. I can't wait to see what the theme of her next album will be and how she will dress then.

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