Rich Gal$


My friends, the Rich Gal$, and I are very different from one another, but we fit together almost perfectly. Where one lacks, one excels, and that is a great quality to posses in different relationships. I have learned from experience that opposites do actually attract based on various friendships I've had.  Individually our identities and personalities are still very unique from one another, but after so many years of being together we have similarities, goals, and values that we share. Our personalities have even synced to make one that gives our group, as a whole, an identity.

  •  It is very important to surround yourself with a plethora of people with varying styles, opinions, goals, attitudes, lifestyles, and values. Doing so promotes open-mindedness and can further help one in establishing an identity. I like to surround myself with a diverse set of people because it really contributes to my personal thought, and is actually a great learning experience everyday. 

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