Rihanna Who's That Chick (Light & Dark) Version

I saw the light version of this video in early September '10 and had it as a draft but never really got around to posting it; I am glad I didn't. This is what the post read, "Everyone goes through change and just like she went through her good girl to bad girl stage, it seems as though Rihanna is going from rock star to dance hall queen based on her two new singles 'Who's That Chick' and "Only Girl." It may not even be going from, but actually going back to her roots."'

Shortly after seeing the video I learned, via Rihanna's twitter, that it wasn't an actual video of hers but really a campaign for Doritos or Pepsi that had been leaked. I later found out about this dark version, and I thought, "I have to see this!" The video wasn't hard to find and the similarities of the videos were sick (in a good way lol). I decided I would post both, and that's when I found this. Some genius put them together, and I must say the combo is epic. I love it.

The contrast of the two videos say so much at one time. It's like happy meets sad, light meets dark, and female meets male. I love this and I hope you all will too! Well done Rih-Rih <3

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