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I have always loved the way I dressed; whatever was trendy I usually had because I stayed on top of things and was usually one of the first in my neighborhood to take that step. Fall '08 was a huge fashion milestone for me because that is when I was able to prove to myself that I was different from everyone else and had a mind and style of my own beyond the trends. This was the time of my sweet 16 and I was able to design my own pieces and get them tailored to perfection, by an untrained yet awesome friend, for the event. Many of the pieces I wore were inspired by a certain look, but none, exactly the same.
To be inspired is to take an already established idea and use it to motivate, create, and execute your own. (That is exactly what I did at the tender age of 15 years old.)

Fall 2008

This was my interpretation of Blake Lively's little black dress. 
Similarities:-bands around waist and thigh
                   -frill trimming around each band
                   -lace overlay w/ fabric under 
                   -length of dress
There are many differences to the dresses, like the color and top.

This was my interpretation of Rihanna's 2008 Grammy dress.
Similarities: -color
                   -corseted top 
                   -detachable belt  
I wish the quality of the picture was better so you could see the detailed stitching of the corseted top I wore.

As you can see, I took two very established ideas and created my own, which are very distinguishable and looks almost nothing like the originals. These are looks that I can call my own because there were none exactly like it before. 

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