Style Star: Kelis-Underrated

This is my first post about being a style star so I thought I'd make it a little controversial (lol). I will be doing post like this from time to time about the people i think stand out in fashion.

For years and years now Kelis has been bringing it with the fashion. The fact that she isn't considered an A List celeb has left her very underrated. She was doing it before Ri-Ri (Rihanna), before Ga-Ga, and before many of the other women considered style icons today. Kelis pushes herself and others, every time she steps onto the carpet, and even the streets for that matter. Many of the trends she had known about and probably started were accredited to others but the true fashionistas know exactly what time it is when she walks into a room. Lets just take a look at how much ahead Kelis actually was. . .

Here are a few examples:

I made this montage to reflect the impact Kelis has had on the hair aspect of the industry. Don't get me wrong, women have been rocking short cuts for a while now (check Salt & Pepper) but in recent years long was the way to be until Umbrella; however Kelis switched it up did short, already, in bossy. The style just wasn't a must-have until Rihanna.
Rule 1: What ever style you choose, own it!! Make it your own! (Rihanna sure did)

This, I did not create (found it on google), but I found it rather interesting. Kelis is such a STYLE STAR and i really wish she would get the credit she deserves.

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