Trend Spotting: Socks and Heels

The willing display of sock with sandals have always been a controversial trend; some agree and some don't. This trend has been around for decades, probably centuries, and every time it dies the visible sock trend is not too far from being revived. 
This style is great for people who would like to wear all of their shoes year 'round. The right sock can make any sandal perfect for winter. This stye can be very fun, flirty, and sophisticated all at once.

This trend hit the Burberry Spring 2010 runway hard and although that season is over, visible socks are still thriving.

Mastering the trend:
  The key to rocking this style is to keep it simple. It looks great when the socks match the main color of the shoe or contrasts the shoe entirely. The more neutral the sock is, the better. 

Don't let the big name behind these photos discourage you, many people who don't have stylist or the advantages of celebs also rock this trend, and they rock it well.


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